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Elestor BV and ITMGroup cooperating for scaling up HBr-flow-battery

Elestor BV and ITMGroup cooperating for scaling up HBr flow battery

Amsterdam, October 25 – On the first day of InnoEnergy’s annual event, The Business Booster, Elestor BV signed an agreement with the company ITM Group to jointly enter a scale-up program of Elestor’s HBr Flow Battery. Initially another GEN2 pilot system will be installed, followed by a number of expansion steps of 50 kW each, to build a storage system with a power of 400 kW and a capacity of 1 MWh.

The agreement was signed by Mrs. Hester Kuypers, board member of ITMGroup, thereby formally pushing the button for the cooperation to start. Apart from the installation of a large hydrogen bromine flow battery system, the scope of the cooperation includes joint projects with research institutes and/or universities.

“As ITMGroup we have taken several steps to be a sustainable company”, says Mrs. Hester Kuypers. “With the installation of this energy storage system we can store the power our approximately 1800 solar panels deliver. Thanks to this innovation, as a company we can now truly lower our CO2 emissions. We hope this will inspire many companies.”

“We are truly delighted to join forces with ITMGroup, known as a company with a true ‘can do’ mentality. The strategy to adopt and implement innovative technologies is part of the company’s DNA, not only in their core business as high-tech machine developer, but also when it comes to energy management of their facilities worldwide. And this attitude is exactly what the world needs to really make the energy transition happen” commented Elestor’s CEO, Guido Dalessi.


About ITMGroup
ITMGroup is a collective of innovative companies. The companies of the ITMGroup deliver worldwide machinery and services to ensure better processes, improve production efficiency and grow businesses. ITMGroup is a family owned company, with its roots in the tobacco industry. Today ITMGroup explores also other industries. More information about ITMGroup can be found on

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International research network “FlowCamp” aims to revolutionize energy storage by developing the next generation of redox-flow batteries

Partners in the FlowCamp network at the project kick-off meeting in September 2017: Fraunhofer ICT (DE), Elestor BV (NL), Bar Ilan University (IL), Hungarian Academy of Science (HU), CNRS (FR), JenaBatteries GmbH (DE), Amer-Sil S.A. (LU), Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft (CH), University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (CZ), University of Stuttgart (DE)
Pfinztal, 22.09.2017 (PresseBox) – Renewable energy sources like wind turbines and photovoltaics need large-scale energy storage systems to balance out fluctuations in energy generation. One of the most promising solutions is redox-flow batteries. These systems store energy electrochemically, within liquid electrolytes that can be kept in tanks until the energy is required.

Redox-flow batteries are efficient (>75%), safe, and have a longer service life than conventional batteries such as lithium ion. Different combinations of electrolytes offer a range of advantages in terms of higher power or capacity and environmental compatibility. However, to fully exploit the possibilities, research is needed into materials (membranes, electrodes, electrolytes, catalysts and sealing materials) for the new battery systems.

Coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, and funded by the European Union’s Marie-Sklodowska-Curie programme, in the research network “FlowCamp” (MSCA-ITN-2017- 765289), 15 PhD students will develop materials for three next-generation redox-flow battery systems: hydrogen-bromine, aqueous organic and zinc-air flow battery systems. The team will also carry out simulation and modelling to guide the development and increase power output. Prototypes developed in the project will be tested using the cutting-edge facilities of the German-funded (19 million €) RedoxWind campus at Fraunhofer ICT.

Besides advancing the development of the new systems, FlowCamp will fulfil another important role: the combination of multiple disciplines (including electrochemistry, material science and engineering / system design) is essential to develop optimal battery systems, but at present few researchers have the necessary overview. The 15 PhD students in FlowCamp, who will start work in mid-2018, will gain a unique skill set through theoretical and practical work covering every aspect of system development, as well as training in transferable skills such as project management, which will prepare them for their future careers in the expanding field of energy storage.

The network offers the chance for outstanding graduates with the appropriate qualifications to participate in an international project with industrial and academic partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. For more information about the project and the open PhD positions, please contact the project coordinators at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT), Germany.

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Elestor BV hires Business Development Executive

On June 1, 2015, Guido Dalessi (53) joined the Management Team of Elestor BV, in the position of Chief Business Development Officer. With this step, Elestor BV expands its Management Team in anticipation of business creation and commercial introduction of its flow battery technology.

Originally graduated in Physics, Guido joined in 1996 a Dutch high-tech start-up, OMP BV, which had just reached the prototype phase of their so-called mastering system (i.e. capital equipment for professional optical disc production). The fast success of this company did not remain unnoticed, and within 6 years the company was acquired by the German public listed Singulus Technologies AG.

Guido served the last 7 years of his career as CEO of the new daughter company, Singulus Mastering BV. The company grew to an annual turnover of around 50 M€, 120 FTEs, and gained recognition as the global market- and technology-leader. Now, returning to his real passion – developing high-tech startups – Guido accepted the offer to join the Management Team of Elestor BV.

In his words: “I am impressed with Elestor’s unique technology approach, enabling the supply of electricity storage systems at an unrivaled low cost-level. By doing so, Elestor anticipates the fast growing demand for economic medium and large scale electricity storage solutions. At this moment, the first prototypes are operational and field tests will start soon on a number of locations. Therefore, this is exactly the right time for me to join the company and start working on ramping up its business. It leaves no doubt that Elestor’s proposition for electricity storage contains all essential preconditions to become a great success, commercially as well as ecologically“.

Elestor becomes Autodesk Clean Tech Partner

Autodesk, a leader in 3D design and engineering software, has selected Elestor to become a member of the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program. Under the agreement Elestor has free use of Autodesk software for a period of three years. Autodesk products that Elestor now uses include: Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Simulation CFD Motion.

Clean tech companies like Elestor are adressing some of the most important challenges facing our world today, “ said Catherine Doyle, global lead of Autodesk’s Clean Tech Initiative. “We are proud to support their growth and success through the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program.

Elestor founder Wiebrand Kout commented: “We are really gratefull that Autodesk allows us to use their world-class CAD and engineering software. I have fifteen years of experience in 3D CAD design, and I am impressed by the quality and efficiency of the latest Autodesk products. The software allows us to do a lot of prototyping in the virtual world, resulting in a much faster development process.”

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